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Décoration proposée par les Ets Marotte Christ by Yves Menges Yves MENGES data processing specialist fascinated one day by Spindler, cut element by element and in 2 specimens only, learned in contact with a reprocessed inlayer.
Yves Menges street Gallien, 68180 Horbourg-Wihr (close to Colmar)

Ets Marotte : Since 50 years, Marotte made inside designing, sent veneers, cut with laser. On web site, we can show different cutting of veneers, drawings about modes, woods visibles and classified by colours (115 pieces), ...
47 rue Eugène Berthoud - BP 87 93402 Saint-Ouen Cedex (PARIS) Tel : 01 49 48 13 60

Ploughing in Paules de Sarsa (Espana) by Maribel Giral Arcas Parquetry by Marc MOATTI MIGA , alias Maribel Giral Arcas, in Saragossse and Paules de Sarsa (Huesca, Espagne) add some relief to her landscapes which evoke superb region of Aragonnaisis Pyrennees.

Marc MOATTI cuts massives exotic woods (wenge, amarant, padouk, merbau, sycomore, jatoba,...) with uniform thickness (in the beginning 10, 15, 20 et 23 mm)... His method is near element by element technique, but unique piece only, and with biggest saw.

Marquetry marinates of Patrick Mornet Navy of Jacques Moisan Patrick MORNET : tables of marine, sailing ships, dead natures and landscapes...
Cut out with the cutter, therefore with the unit, site a little long to traverse because of the musics. Visit workshop, in Aiguillon on Life (85)

Jacques MOISAN : Large tables of marine, the powerful ciels...
Wood Gas, 22210 Saint-Etienne-of-ford-in-the Isle (22)

Count of Herve Obligi Herve OBLIGI : Concise sculptor, fine stone marquetry.
25 avenue of the mill 93100 Montreuil under wood. 01 48 57 17 54
Herve OBLIGI received the "Great National Price of the Trades of Art" After having devoted himself to the restoration of objets d'art and with the applied arts, while working in particular for CARTIER (on the mysterious clocks) or on parts of FABERGE, Herve OBLIGI decides to create his own works. This specialist in the size of the hard stones, invents tables, panels, pavements or any other object, provided that it is stone.

Table of Maria Pilar Hernandez Salvadores Ram with the fountain of Jules Pinson Maria PILAR HERNANDEZ met in the JIM 2002
C Sta. Susana N° 2-3 - 28033 Madrid (Spain)

Jules PINSON met with the conference of Revel and the JIM 2002.
38, street Jean Jaurès - 77270 Villeparisis

Christophe Planchon, Preceded In Hautpoul Ashtray by Eric Poignard Christophe PLANCHON : tables in cutting and superposition (borers), boxes, lamps, furniture, cabinet work of art... Tel: 05 55 63 68 61. With Saint Pierre de Fursac, (23)

Eric POIGNARD superb interpretations of Chinese prints, varnished finished very well... in Louvres (95)

Koi carpi of Rene Quatremain Rene QUATREMAIN in the JIM 2002. Formation S.t.o.l
13, street Charles Friedel - 75020 Paris

Illusion of artist, by Pierre Quetier, after Davis Holmes Table of John Rackley, exposed to Atrema 2001 Pierre QUETIER, Raises with the s.t.o.l and course in Centre of Arts of Wood, article on the "Newspaper of the Wood of April 2002. He draws his inspiration in posters, Mucha for example, the postcards, the traditional subjects of traditionelle marquetry. Plait itself to handle the forms as well, starting from shade or simply of multiple fibres of the many wood turpentines.
e-mail      Tel: 01 30 59 73 46 (28)

John RACKLEY English artist and teacher in ADAC Paris, address in France : 21340 Vauchignon. Tel 03 80 21 86 36.

Philippe Raymond, of Hautpoul Brassens by Cathy Renaud Philippe RAYMOND , in Hautpoul (known as Raymond d' Hautpoul), near Mazamet, 81. At a long time inhabited and worked in Guyana. Returned with typical barks. Carry out itself its plating, then works especially the landscape, of conical method : thus single parts. Untraceable veneers in the trade. Tel: 05 63 97 91 51

Cathy RENAUD, in Didenheim (68), seen on Talent of life, FR2. Naked, portraits, cotemporain rich colors...

Bullfight of Michel Robineau Rocamadour by Max Romeuf Michel ROBINEAU young artist (40). 24 residence the Service-trees 40320 Eugenie baths. Tel 05 58 51 16 85.

Max ROMEUF 70, street Yves Cariou 93150 the White-Mesnil. Tel 01 48 67 86 57

Landscape of Etienne Saillard Etienne SAILLARD "Wood pleasure", close to Pontarlier (25).
Work method element by element. In addition to wood, it utilie mother-of-pearl, the scale of tortoise, brass, the bone. Propose personalized marquetries and boxes of exception, restores musical boxes and inlaid furniture, in particular of style "Boulle" and "Napoleon III".
Workshop Etienne SAILLARD - 5B, Street of Puit - 25300 DOMMARTIN Telephones/Fax: 03 81 46 67 46

Extract of the work of Eric Sanson Little flowers by Brigitte Savatier Eric and Dominique SANSON mof 89, cabinetmakers inlayers,
9 rte du Moulin Fouret 27300 Saint-Aubin le Vertueux.
02 32 46 49 47.
The work opposite, which one sees simply a detail, was carried out for the contest of the mof; materials employed are seen: Magnifying glass of green elm coloured (bottom), galuchat tinted and blue tinted bone (caterpillar), wood tinted and gives lustre to (grasshoppers)...    

Brigitte SAVATIER uses simultaneous Boulle technique and classic method.

JC Spindler

Jean-Charles SPINDLER    traditional Marquetry, in Alsace, since three generations ! Seeing by the Net, or going to visit his Exposure to Saint-Léonard - Boersch (67), open certain days only.

The passage of Schneider F Francis-Alain SCHNEIDER   Marquetry of Art in Strasbourg (67): Quasi-unreal landscapes by a judicious use of the various magnifying glasses and brambles, for tables with contemporary tendency. The step reverses majority of the inlayers: how as well as possible to use the effects of the kinds of the wood. It's a pity that the enlarging of the images of the gallery does not function any more!
11, street of the Marsh Kageneck 67000 STRASBOURG
The workshop is located at 4 minutes with foot of the Central Station
Tuesday at Friday of 10h with 12h and 14h30 with 18h or on go. Tel: 03 88 32 56 13

Mappemonde par Carole Szwarc Carole SZWARC   Marquetarian since 20 years, old professor of marquetry in ADAC Paris, then teacher in Art et Passion du Bois (Paris, Taussac), Carole likes creation, assembling of superposing veneers, a little does Vriz. Exhacerbate difficulty, his globe purposes the level of our old earth in a globe ! Would like to have more time to create more.

Deliver out of wood of Alain Taral Sarcophage de Joan Tauleria Alain TARAL   Dépositaire d'une méthode de reliure "en bois", décoration comtemporaine. (83)

Joan TAULERIA Furniture cabinet making, and religious marquetry
Mas Fosa, 9 - 17457 Campllong - Girona (Catalunya, Espagne)
+ 972.461366

Cellar with cigars of Raphael Toledano Raphael TOLEDANO, After having exerted several trades in the branch veterinary surgeon, it decides to pass to any other style. of branch, that of the veneer and marquetry. Autodidact, it practises the technique known as element by Réalise out element inter alia the splendid ones limp with cigars and prepares the contest of the best workmen of France.
Tel: 01 34 62 99 19, 06 08 07 59 73 3, street of Gaillarderie, Noisy the King (78590)

The Valley of the Elves by Laurent Treboz Work of Raymond Trouvé in the JIM 2002 Laurent TREBOZ, Since the 17 years age in the Holy suburb Antoine, worked with Josnin, Carole Szwarc, Pierre Ramond, Patrick Bougie...
With carried out work for the Louvre, the castle of Versailles... gave courses to the IESA.
After having carried out many copies of old, carried out creations much more contemporary and modern, and privileges now the reasons for type Héroïque, Fantaisie, Médiéval.
Tel: (Paris) e-mail

Raymond TROUVE Ferme de Chapuis. 77830 Pamfou.
Offer some 5 days training courses. Tel: 01 64 31 81 08 --->

Interpretation of George VRIZ George VRIZ is the inventor of the method which calls his name, based on a transparency marquetry. This technique allows him, as it details it in its cassette entitled "Renaissance" to bring effects of light, impossible to do differently.
Before plating the principal decoration, persons for example, obtained in traditional marquetry, Vriz coats the support in a way calculated of a paste obtained with coloured wood. Then, by voluntary pierces, George exploits the transparency of the matter. A challenge launched out : to interpret this way principal topics of of Michel-Angel in the Sixtine Chapel.
See references of its book "marquetry, a revisited art" and cassette in link page.

Marquetry with the format postcard, by Michel Wagner, exposed to Pézenas 2002 Torments of the heart of Bernard Waldmann, Extracted Michel WAGNER mof 2000.    Of Alsace landscapes, sometimes on clear bottom, with or without characters.
Initiate with marquetry by his father in 1990. 22, rte of Lyon. 67400 Illkich-Graffenstaden (67)

Bernard WALDMANN often leaves a little relief in his tables, adds sometimes other matters that plating or gives a relief by black features. Work with the knife x-acto with few means, but completes work intérressants. e-mail

The billsticker, Charles-Edouard Werra Charles-Edouard WERRA raises with S.E.P.R Lyon, in the JIM 2002

Ram with the fountain by Wild New creations of the Xulokopos workshop WILD young Canadian artist beginning at the end of studies of cabinet work, met on the Yahoogroup forum.

XULOKOPOS : Handbook and Christina von Mohrenschildt, in Carennac (46): landscapes of the Batch, creations of contemporary furniture with very detailed marquetry realize as well. Visit exposure - workshop in a superb village. Tel: 05 65 10 12 57 e-mail

Work of Vassilia Zilveli Village of Dambach, by Martin Zimmermann, in the course of découpage with the cutter Vassilia ZILVELI girl of a cabinetmaker, in Gard. Present at the JIM 2002. e-mail
Portalet - 2, dead end Albert Roux - 30700 Uzès.

Martin ZIMMERMANN    Passionnated and self-educated who practises traditional marquetry, in Alsace. Good description in photographs of the method in the "Cutter". Single parts, landscapes of Alsace... (67).

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