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   60 x 28 cm Sunset to the gooses (detail) : Essences of character: rosewood, zébrano, pin oak, magnifying glass of elm and thuya,...     ---->

Swans (seen partial). Use of a leaf of wild cherry " on dosse " for the representation of circles in the water.

92 x 51 cm Bureau décor des Muses

<--- The Muses, according to table Marie-Antoinette (Pierre Ramond's book).
Background is Rio Palissandre,

Desk with this décor --->

37 x 22 cm 37 x 22 cm Desk and décor drawer of the desk Les Muses : faces and members of the persons are in shaded pear tree,

37 x 22 cm 37 x 22 cm

   113 x 71 cm Herdsman: work completely cut according to the technique of the stanley knife (cutter) !     ---->

 <---- Head of horse

64 x 43 cm Bullfight : bottom in magnifying glass of poplar, samba, amarello, wild cherry, padouk, and pink and red colored wood for the cape, tulipe wood, green colored wood for the dress (of light), genipapo and amarante for the bottom of the torrero...     ---->

<---- Harness of beef according to Vincent VAN GOGH. Completely cut with cutter

30 x 20 cm German mastiff: bottom in magnifying glass of walnut, realized by Florent Rottenfus

  31 x 24 cm      Street urchin : Tulip tree, Amarante, Sipo's bramble, pear tree, zébrano, ebony, bottom : poplar, burr walnut, amazakoue.    ---->

<---- The goat draft, Backgroud in Rio Palissandre, 330 pieces, about 100 leaves !

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