Side sideboard: Companion carpenter / sculptor Side sideboard: Companion carpenter / sculptor Eguisheim's landscape, Jean-Charles Spindler's marquetry

Having been born on October 2, 1949, Defers paternel Grandmother: professor of violin, painting : plentiful one documentation of style 1920's, as well as the furniture " black Forest " left Me, stained glasses, violin of study, oil.

Jeanne Rossignol's stained glass Jeanne Rossignol's oil

Childhood and adolescence : pencil, inks, gouaches, polerwork, oil: portrait of my two brothers, small furniture

1968: School of the Beautiful Arts during 6 months, Cambrai (59),

1970 in 1972 (Mont-de-Marsan : 40): classic Guitar of accompanying (Brassens), gouache, oil 1973  in 1975 (Saverne : 67): Oil, furniture : comtoise, cot, bar, toys, …

Portrait in Patric's knife Woman and children in the knife

On 1976 (Saverne : 67) : Meeting with Alsatian marqueteurs and their typical works of the landscapes of Alsace: Marcel Schmidt (m.o.f in cabinet-making), Lucien Straub, Auf der Brück, JC Spindler, … Click between Painting and Bois : First wood-pictures : the herdsman, the boats, places of Labastide d'Armagnac (cutter), search for veneers in Alsace, Germany, Switzerland, translations of 2 German books : Intarsien Arbeiten ( Georg Grenz), Intarsien als hobby (Heinrich Hoppe)

Boats, first picture(table) 1976 Picture, summer 1976 Labastide of Armagnac, 40

1977 in 1978  (Saverne) : Stained glass concrete, Marquetry in the cutter : Béthléem, Harness of ox according to V. Van Gogh, first craft exhibitions, discovered by Pierre RAMOND's book (first edition), purchase saws DREMEL, visit of the CTB (Technical Centre of the Wood) in Paris, looks for librarian, first division in several copies : Flemish man in method BOULLE with 4 essences, first tables(pictures) in method element by element, training sculpture on wood to Villefranche de Rouergue ( 12 ) for an idea of the volumes and the material (Fernand Brassac: " see, feel, express: All the art is there "),

Book of P. Ramond, English version Saw bases Dremel, modified for the marquetry Fernand Brassac Realized Sculpure the summer, 1978

1979 in 1980 (Bourges, 18) : Numerous craft and traditional exhibitions, Portrait of Brassens, landscapes of Berry, registration in 1979 to the chamber of trade in secondary activity, the purchase of a massive wooden press to a cabinetmaker of Bourges, the purchase of lots of veneers in companies in sales, price of technique exhibition Fine art to Issoudun (36 )

Henrichemont, 18 Example of Georges BRASSENS's full of life realization Georges Brassens's portrait with 2 veneers Ivoy the meadow, 18

Massive wood press Chest of drawers decoration birds

1981 in 1991 (Pau : 64) : Portrait in the pastel of the children, The convenient decoration birds, Desk inspired by the table of the Muses of Marie - Antoinette (Ramond's book), craft exhibitions, purchase the bandsaw, the chessboards, limp in jewels, complete modification of the DREMEL : blades, tray(plateau), feet, lamp.

Florent's portrait in the fat pastel, on 1985 Desk decoration style Marie - Antoinette Saw models Julia, collar of swan 80 cms


1992 in 1995 (Po : 64) : Realization of a colour chart of 100 essences to prepare Botticelli's portrait, fair in the old professions, the construction saws model Julia (Revel) of 80 cms, Wood-combined purchase 6 operations, meeting of wood turners, cabinetmakers, marqueteurs, of Pierre Gaboriaud  (Mont de Marsan : 40): discovery of the varnish plug, of the conical division (to see the concerned article), of tricks, Florent realizes his first picture(table)

Sandro Botticelli's portrait, extracted from the Worship of the Witches Extract of the portrait Madona, by Pierre, in conical method German mastiff, by Florent Rottenfus

1996 in 1999 (Toulouse, 31): Construction furnishes in tablet, purchase of veneer of colour (Perotti, Revel), Pau meets with Alain de Saint Exupéry (24 ) :sciage of veneers: Chateau and bridge of XIV July, craft Exhibition to Barbastro (Aragon, Spain), Revel (Holiday of the Shaving), animation of a workshop with 9-12-year-old children, at the beginning of editorial staff of an exercise book of song and agreements Brassens

Piece of furniture with tablets, details of the castle of Pau To Saint-Exupéry, in front of the machine: saw in the rising wood Chateau of PAU and Bridge of XIV July, 64

Animation with children, Holiday of the Shaving, Revel, 31 Works of the children Pierre and Lydie, of the Wood Conservatory, Revel (31)

On 2000 (Toulouse 31): Web site :, purchase numeric camera (landscapes, portraits, animals, nature), meets P. Delarme, author of the book (76): The marquetry, passion of an art, the chess table in stone floors, knives BASTIDE (48), Training method element by element

Chess table in earthenware Knives Bastide Jean - Marc in the saw

On 2001 (Toulouse 31): Purchase name of domain:, conferences on the marquetry, membership in the ATREMA, participation in JIM (International days of the Marquetry, Paris), meets Carole Szwarc, Pierre Ramond, Georges Vriz, Patrick Georges, Manu and... Christina (Carennac, 46), Repair stained glasses continuation AZF (!!!) and creation of new stained glasses.

Conference Engineering school N7A9, Toulouse P Ramond and P. Georges in JIM 2001 New stained glasses

On 2002 (Toulouse 31): Decoration of sleeve of a guitar, comtoise clock (in the course of construction), exhibition Bois - Guillaume (76) in May...

Decoration guitar

2003 : 3 new creations : Vieux moulin 2, Fouras Composition (17) and Gavarnie (65).
Learning of CAD tool for drawings, article writing about this into "Cahiers Techniques de la marqueterie" N° 7, exhibition and price of artistic value in Hautpoul (near Mazamet) in may for Fouras, competition "l'Epine de bois !", SEPR Lyon in mai, Atrema Paris in october, future "Atelier des arcades" acquisition, near Toulouse ...

Composition de Fouras (17)           Dessin en DAO et article           Futur Atelier des arcades

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