Extract of Labastide d'Armagnac, street of post office Extract of the Bullfight

Hereafter some veeners of plating classified according to their color like some wood coloured.
Notes: The samples below have summers scannés by the author, according to possible vision the most faithful of the veener at the rough state for the majority, or of the extracts of achievements. The names of the veeners are indicated by the mouse.

1 - WHITE :

Sycamore Sycamore Ash Beech Louro Faïa clear Houx Sawn Houx

2 - LIGHTS :

Birch of Norway Boxwood Moucheté maple Maple bramble Bramble of Olivier Ash Olivier ash Olivier ash Ash Bramble of ash Wild cherry tree in the Swans Magnifying glass of myrthe Poplar Pitchpine Plane tree Plane tree Lime Sawn lime Echauffé Marronier Echauffé Marronier Connect sawn plum tree Sawn mimosa


Ayous or Samba Sawn boxwood Sawn boxwood Broussin Lemon tree of Ceylon Lemon tree of Spain Koto Limba Poplar Zébrano Moire Movingui Magnifying glass of Avodiré Amarello in its element Sawn Murier


Orange Yew Glossed sawn Drink coloured orange

5 - PINKS :

Bois de rose Bois de rose Bubinga Pink CAM Pear tree Pear tree in Gavroche Magnifying glass of pear tree Drink coloured pink and red


Amboine Olivier ash Sawn wild cherry tree Louro Faïa Sawn apple tree Madrona Magnifying glass of Elm Bramble of Sipo Teak Thuja Bramble of Thuja in Labastide, street of the post
office Sawn almond tree

7 - REDS :

Bois de rose Maï-dou Coral Padouk or Wood Purple wood of Madagascar Magnifying glass of plane tree Mupiranga Drink coloured red Stock of plum tree sawn


Mahogany tree Amazakoué Macoré Magnifying glass of Drowning Magnifying glass of Elm Purple wood Purple wood of Rio Thuja Wenge Magnifying glass of oak

9 - GREENS :

Amazakoué Bété or Mansonia Oak of the marshes Imbuïa Clear Imbuïa Tropical Oliver Tulipier in Gavroche Tulipier Green Tulipier - purple Green Magnifying glass of green veined birch Ipe Magnifying glass of Magniolia in Fouras Sawn boxwood Broussin Benge in Place of Henrichemont, 18 Benge in Labastide of Armagnac, 40 Drink tinted green and tuliper in the Bullfight

10 - BLUE :

Ako Tried boxwood Overheated Marronier Bluish magnifying glass of Madrona Blue-night Drink tinted blue in Gavroche Sawn bay-tree

11 - PURPLE :

Amaranth in Gavroche Bubinga Purple yew Purple purple wood of the Indies Drink violet scié Drink violet in Labastide Green Tulipier - purple Genipapo in Labastide

12 - GRAY :

Sawn Prunus To drown of America To drown France Drink coloured gray money Dark gray moucheté maple Gray magnifying glass of poplar in Fouras Tulipier gray-black in Fouras Drink coloured gray in Cirque of Gavarnie Sawn bay-tree

13 - BLACKS :

Ebony Ebony of Macassar Black magnifying glass of Myrthe Burr walnut Purple wood of Rio Wenge


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