Summary according to the work : VRIZ - marquetry, a revisited art, of Bruno Bontempelli, Atlantica Ed°.

Contrary to all the other techniques, based on the generally accepted idea of a decoration "flat" made of wood or other matters, George VRIZ brings an important innovation : Thanks to the superposition of the layers of wood, and with the possibility offered by plating to create "transparencies", these means make it possible to bring thus sometimes the light, the color, a veil, a depth...
These made impossible to create with a traditional method are made using judicious but controlled sandpaperings.

Historically, one distinguished two phases in the workshop from marquetry:
- the creation of the drawing, or design of the work, where it is necessary already "to think wood" ,
- the realization which adapts this drawing according to the "code of practice" but also of the constraints : materials, furniture... These two phases are not obligatorily of the same hand.

The technique of George VRIZ (who bears his name) offers greater freedom to the artistic expression, and the author is necessarily both at the same time; the artist intervenes at all the stages of the realization in order to "model his work" as it hears it.


Three principles are fundamental:

1 - Work is thought according to the various layers in the order where they are posed (VRIZ speaks about states : bottom, above, still above...) and the artist will draw what there is at the bottom of the table to arrive at his ends.

2 - The texture and the grain of the venners are calculated to reach an optimal result : for dissolves, long wood tender and regular (pear tree, sycamore); for effects of character, wood harder and being able to present reasons (plane tree, brambly ash).

3 - The control of the sandpapering of each layer is essential : it is obtained using a sander and rather average sandpaper (100 - 120) in order not to heat the adhesive, except if this effect is desired. All creation lies in sandpapering after joining of each layer, which it is important to stop before boring or obtaining nondesired effects.

George VRIZ proposes this method in a very picturesque cassette, entitled "RENAISSANCE" (REBIRTHS), as in his last book.
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