The author in... Marquetry, by Patric BRULE WELCOME in the HIGH GARONNE (France) on the site of TRADITIONAL MARQUETRY of

Labastide d' Armagnac's extract, street of the post office. Click for an example of full of life composition Pose(installation) of the last stone

Fascinated by MARQUETRY since 1976, I suggest you sharing my hobby, some wood and this subtle art of the wood...


Take advantage of the magnificent tool that is Internet for:
- Make a reference of the marquetry in all the domains : forming, associations, documentation, suppliers of wood and products, artists and artisans who practise this art in France or in the world (more 90 represented here),
- Promote the knowledge of wood of veneer of natural wood (126 personnal samples here) as well as the other used materials, the methods of fabrication of these veneers, various techniques used in marquetry: 6 are informed here,
- Popularize the marquetry, so that arise more and more from marqueteurs young people, certain techniques asking for not enough means, and more and more pensioners, " of computer specialists " different want " to stick to it ",
- Create a link between the professions by the marquetry and the passionate persons, so that a strong competition exists among persons who share the same passion,
- Make live, or relive even more strongly an art which seemed, some years ago still, dedicated only to the copy of ancient furniture, while one can, with natural wooden essences, or of the other material, give free course to the imagination...

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