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ALLOT Brothers   Of splendid pieces of furniture, as well as reproductions, in LOUDEAC (22).

Cristina Alvarez Magliano Orchids Christina ALVAREZ MAGLIANO Argentinean artist and marquetarian, uses veneer and semi-precious stones, metals and other natural elements to depict orchids and much more. She works with the conical/bevel cutting method, so every picture of her is unique, she never repeats a design.

Arabic Anita Marquetry Bee truer than natural, of Stefano Baiocco ANITA Marqueterie (or Marquetry)  English Site of a company of ten people, with the Country of Galle; semi-industrial marquetry with the "laser", works for contemporary decoration, the marine of luxury (Phocéa, for example), the railroads... On the Web site with the very pleasant look, one finds ideas of drawings, planks of any style, many topics of tables, reasons...

Stefano BAIOCCO data processing specialist, completed his first work with the cutter and uses a mixed technique element by element and knife.
Present on its site of the reproductions of Keith Haring. Work on works of an Italian artist (Fortunato Depero), by using wood tinted.
In Geneva, and partly with St-Cergues (74) e-mail

Box With Wood without time AU BOIS SANS TEMPS (Wood without time)   Marquetries and Paintings on pieces of furniture, landscapes, women style art-déco, objects various, boxes... In Nimes (30)

Clown by Pierre Beuchey Pierre BEUCHEY    Sculpture inlaid, mosaic of wood, technique of surplacage and superposition, in Besancon (25): one can even visit the workshop...

Beggars, according to Murillo, of Jean BOURGOIN Iris of Thierry BOURGON Self-educated, Jean BOURGOIN, began marquetry as of the 28 years age to the cutter. Since the retirement, it redoubled and works from now on per packages Boulle way, therefore with the saw. Impassioned painting and plays of light, he likes to interpret Tower, Murillo, Vermeer...

Thierry BOURGON at the time of the exposure of the JIM 2002.
32, street of the ices - 25700 Valentigney

Extract of marquetry on a Clock of Jérome Bouttecon Jérome BOUTTEÇON, mof 1994 with note of 20/20, ex-employee in the Spindler workshop, Prix SOWED 1999.

Fine embroidery and framing marquetry, by Esther Brassac Vanessa Paradis in 5 veneers by Patrick Brulé Esther BRASSAC    Of the single parts with sometimes of marquetry, but also of others matiès like fine lace... On the site: a good summary of the history and technique (27)

Patrick BRULE, Artist in marquetry very impassioned by the aspects attractive from the portrait, which it treats with more or less contrast, according to people's. Work of method known as of "wood painting" detailed on this site. Gallery of portraits and feminine nudes on its site.

Effects of fog on the Trawlers by StephaneCamenen Stephane CAMENEN    Of the achievements in 3d obtained on the other hand joining, effects of borer and transparency. In Montataire (60)

Sight partial of Calloges with Yport, by A-F Chassin Pierre Chamberland Pierre CHAMBERLAND Definition, history of Boulle, many bonds towards various sites: drink, materials, tools, the saws, other inlayers in Europe and in the USA, a site internationnal (Canada)

Andre-François CHASSIN Born in Faubourg Saint-Antoine, bathes as of his more tender childhood in the subtle perfumes of the veneers and varnishes. Sailor, it is particularly inspired by all that touches the sea and wood natural. (92) e-mail

Coffee machine, Price Liliane Bettencourt by Chavagnac-Rupierre Table of Olivier Cheymol Geoffroy of BAZELAIRE and Armande of CHAVAGNAC have been devoted to this art for 24 years. They thus create flat tints or volumes with the scalpel. The tables of more than 1,50 m figurative, abstract, or imaginary were born from the drawings of wood.
"the coffee machine" has just received the price Liliane Bettencourt.
25 rue Charles de Gaulle 21600

Olivier CHEYMOL    mof 2000, "With the net of Amaranth".
Professional craftsman who works wood with old, by using the natural products of the great artisanal tradition. No series production, any use of electric machines in the clothes industry of marquetry : each object is single.
14, rue Mercière 34120 Pézenas. Tel 04 67 90 71 58 e-mail

My home, by Roger Chetail Roger CHETAIL I's in 1973 when he makes his beginnings in work of wood and likes from 86 the marquetry. He realizes his first works with cutter, and cut since 89 by means of an electromagnetic saw, in classic method. Some veneers oxidized in grey, blue and green tones add warm tones to his palette of natural woods, and which he creates landscapes, still lives, animals, portraits, games and different objects.
In Saint Laurent en Brionnais (71).

Marquetry of Marc Cheze Diem carpus of Nicolas Chirol Marc CHEZE    Describes in photographs the method element by element, portraits, florets and trophies of sports, a site to be visited absolutely. Saint-Mexant (19).

Nicolas CHIROL , college Adrienne Bolland, Poissy, at the time of the JIM 2002.

Calling card of Domenica Ciamarone Extract of a sight of Obernai, by Alphonse Clauss Dominique CIAMARONE (38)    His calling card summarizes: Wood, only of wood, nature is its best pallet, Its brush a simple lancet
Better Workman of France 89, much of colors and an excellent draughtsman. Work with the scalpel, by the method known as of the window, which consists in starting its work in a clear plating sycamore kind. After y to have reproduced the drawing finely, it cuts out a part and thus creates a window through which it can choose wanted plating, etc... Author of a work of examples of 100 marquetries : to see links page

Alphonse CLAUSS raises of Charles Spindler, 1894 - 1975 (Obernai, 67). The site of his son Charles reabilitate talents of this artist, painter out of wooden and perfectionist.

Chapelle des Praz by Michel Coleno Birds of Roland Colmar

Michel COLENO Create in many domains, by exemple marquetry. Old student of Centre des Arts du Bois, realized his website, actually repairing.
74 - Metz Tessy. e-mail

Roland COLMAR at the time of the JIM 2002.
24, street of Estienne d' Orves - 76620 Le Havre.

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