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Convenient DAÏDE Day-Line Table exposed to Pézenas 2002, by J-C Dejeux Pierre DAÏDE    , Revel (31). Creations of furniture of style and contemporary, very coloured (Day-Line); With carried out a copy of Bureau Louis XV of Riesener (5 years of work)...

Jean-Claude DEJEUX, mof 94. 12 rue Beauséjour 77173 Chevry-Cossigny Tel 01 64 05 48 95

Patrick DELARME at the time of the realization of the Armorial bearings of Monaco Scene of hunting of O Desombre Patrick DELARME   a site containing many information as for the technique, the tools, the suppliers of platings and tools, the comparison of the various saws, the establishments of formation, training courses of marquetry (76). One sees there also the author carrying out a realization of A to Z

Olivier DESOMBRE   Specialized in the armorial bearings, the florets, hunting...

Jean-Claude Deveaux Jean-Claude DEVEAUX   a presentation of work in photographs, tables and furniture contemporary, misleads the eye, imitation of volumes and drapery (striped fabrics), much of trade, organizer of Forum YAHOO GROUPS, site of French-speaking marquetry, Pantin (75009)

Pendulum comtoise of W Patrick Edwards Marquetry of François Erdrich W Patrick EDWARDS, former pupil of P. Ramond at the Boulle school. With its workshop - school with San Diego, California. Practical as well the manufacture of furniture of luxury, teaching and restoration. It carries out also kits for rests of inlayer (see bonds page).
American School of French Marquetry 3815 Utah street
San Diego, California 92104 Tel: 619-298-0864 Fax: 619-297-3038 Mobile: 619-708-0864 e-mail

François ERDRICH   (Alsace)

Work of Roland FARNIER in the JIM 2002 Table of Claude FORNY, according to Patrick Delarme Roland FARNIER After a long life prisienne and a meeting with Jean CABROLIER, founder of the ATREMA, this artist inlayer settled in the south-east of France (13) and practical marquetry since his retirement. When it does not dance with its troop, improves in the training courses of Taussac, and his talent shows us; use especially the method known as of "wood painting" by superposition for its tables; it also uses the borer to obtain transparencies.
26, street of the lake of Constancy 13310 Saint Martin de Crau Tel 04 90 47 42 39 e-mail

Claude FORNY at the time of the JIM 2002
1, roundabout of Glaieuls - 78430 Clayes under wood

Frontage of Bernard FRANK out of bricks, rollers, materials various Oshidori by Fukushma Bernard FRANK, the "branque one of bricks" like says it the article of regional Art & Décoration, created frontages of the Toulouse varied material area: admittedly little plating, but the bricks which it moulds and cooks itself, of the rollers of the Garonne, the stone which it carves thoroughly, of the mini-stained glasses, of the grids, shutters, gouttières... It also construct monuments in 3d, gates, bell-towers of churches... And like it says it itself: fa-bu-lous!

Mioko FUKUSHIMA, learned the technique from marquetry in 1979 in England. Noticed several times in Japan, it learns this art there since 1991.

Portrait of Madona cut out into conical Pestkapelle by Mickael GAIDE Pierre GABORIAUD de la Tour   Amongst other things sieving machine the ground, system of automatic watering of his greenhouse, his passion for the beautiful plants and the mechanics of precision, (... the list would be long) decides to use the conical method of Vassilieffe, described in the book of Pierre Ramond; its studies of portraits of stars whom it adulates gives of splendid results. With fact of the superb boxes of meticulousness... See the page concerning this technique and this "artist".

Michael GAIDE German Artiste which as well draws his inspiration from the landscape, of the turns of Babylon, the trees, characters of data base, contemporary...
Michael Gaide Fürstenauerweg 182b, 49090 Osnabrück. Tel: 0541 - 1217463

Marquetry of Michel GONCE Table of Henriette GORRIER Michel GONCE   Influenced by the desert where it lived, among others galères. Modern, or Of Alsace. Beautiful presentation of the Gallery on the Net: assured escape. (Alsace)

Henriette GORRIER was initiated with the s.t.o.l by George VRIZ and Carole Szwarc. For 18 years of practice, it has taken as a starting point a long time the paintings of maitres (Monet...) then its last works contain effects of drilling.
In Argenteuil (95) Tel: 01 39 82 24 52

Marshes of Erwan Gourmelon Erwan Gourmelon 1st price of éxécution in the JIM 2002, college Adrienne Bolland, Poissy (78).

Work of Denis GRANIER Brassens by Rene Granjon Denis GRANIER met on the Yahoo forum! Amateur With 95600 Eaubonne.
Contact: E-Mail

Self-educated Rene GRANJON and cabinetmaker in retirement, fact of marquetry since 37 years, of which portrait since more than 20 years. Work with the hand, therefore piéces single. Rene Granjon 9 alleys full sun 42140 Chazelles on Lyon. Tel: Note: if problem for acceder with the site, to do one to copy/to stick bond URL in the browser.

Adaptation of a work of Dali by Philippe GUERIN, use of blue coloured horn Work of Jacques Guinot in the JIM 2002 Philippe GUERIN, mof 94. Restoration of furniture of marquetry. 17 street of the Old man Versailles 78000 Versailles. Tel 01 39 51 63 13

Jacques GUINOT, in the JIM 2002,
45, front Adrien Raynal - 94310 Orly

Table inspired of Cornelius Eicher, carried out by the pupils of the professional college of Poitiers The escarpolette of Catherine Hauvespre Denis HAPEL, Artist inlayer, great price of the trades of art, teaching with the professional college of Poitiers (87)
The workshop of François Hapel is for any visitor the framework of a permanent exposure of its achievements
The Borough (vis-a-vis with the church) 86510 Brux. Tel: 05 49 59 03 43

Catherine HAUVESPRE in the JIM 2002, 146 street of the pump - 75116 Paris

Sight partial of convenient a known as POULLE, Workshop ILEX Josnin Workshop Workshop JOSNIN : One of the oldest workshops of the Saint-Anthony Suburb; the site has the characteristic to require your name, your e-mail of you, proposes a drawing to be carried out...

Workshop ILEX : Contemporary furniture, copies of old... Noticed with the conference-exposure of Revel 2002 for the creation of a convenient decoration "Poulle and chicks".
Workshop ILEX (meaning Houx)
Denfert-Rochereau Boulevard 31250 REVEL, Stephane Delage. Tel 05 61 27 87 53

Detail of a cabinet, by Silas Kopf Silas KOPF Of the pieces of furniture and very creative decoration always, to see and re-examine.

Work of Gabriel Labruyere Work by Bernard Lacombe Gabriel LABRYERE present at the JIM 2002.
16, street of the Paradises - 02400 Castle-Thierry

Bernard LACOMBE Old policeman, installed at Corcelle near Besancon (25), Bernard Lacombe developed a technique marquetry of which it is, to date, only Master : The Lacombe method is not only spectacular. Superpimposing of wood pieces after digging of the support to the gouge, gives rise to effects and to nuances subtle : blurs, of depth, prospects: Landscapes comtois, horses, characters close or imaginary...
See the method in photographs on the site, as well as the history, the press review... e-mail

Charette et Pelotari, by Lucie Laurent Mural marquetry of 3 X 5,5 m, by Michel Lefevre Lucie LAURENT creates marquetry painting only "with cutter" since 1972 ! Naïves landscapes of Pays basque, Béarn, scenes of country and provencales, castels, ... Many prices of Art in exhibitions in Martigues.
212, route de Sausset - Saint-Julien-les-Martigues
13500 Martigues - tel : 04 42 81 57 82

Michel LEFEVRE has realized for 40 years of original creations of marquetry, movable contemporary, architecture, ceilings and mural decoration in the banks, buildings public restaurants, in Switzerland, France, the USA...
"Cadoux" 71800 Saint Christophe in Brionnais - Tel 03 85 25 80 75

Thann de Christophe Leibel Signs of the zodiac, by Pierre Loescher Christophe LEIBEL, fact of marquetry since ten years, tested in turn the cutter, the piercing-saw frame, "painting out of wood", and works "element by element now". Living with the foot of the Vosges and inspired by the many of Alsace inlayers (Straub, Auf der Brück, Spindler, Wagner...), carried out childish drawings, landscapes of Alsace, but its projects are rather with contemporary tendency.

Pierre LOESCHER 90, rue du point du jour, 92100 - Boulogne Billancourt.

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