Sipo wood carving   



WOOD workshop : general view veneers cabinet

The wood workshop in which we re-knows wood machines, the bandsaw, the workbench and the drill on column. Then bookcases with veneers : these are stored by packages of identical veneer.

Massive wood press

PRESS constituted by 7 frames of 5 jacks for the sticking. This massive wooden tool allows the uniform pressage on all the working surface. The other more modern press are realized by means of I.P.N. in shape of I, and of lived iron ended by a square or hexagonal tip, allowing the tightening.


Alternate Saw Saw : Blade detail Julia 2 Machine detailsPhotos and details of machine

Saw models Julia of collar of swan 80 cms.
We notice the engine and the connecting rod realizing the conversion of the rotary movement - alternate, the solid U which constitutes the oscillatoire armature and of tension of the blade, the speed variator of the engine, the limps allowing the recovery of the sawdust. Underside, an adjustable pedal in length serves for activating the engine. This option allows to saw in position stand-up for long pieces of wood.

To the right, detail of the blade of 3 / 10 mm of the way, as well as the guide of U and the butterfly superior fate in the tightening of the blade of saw.

Workshop entry and cabinet Tablets

Cupboard containing tablets of stocking of the cut details, and drawers with slide channel, containing packages prepared in advance by 6, concerning me. Some workshops work by 10, 12 copies, even more.

Drawers and tablets of classification and arrangement of pieces.

Plan de PAU : extrait Tablette Bas-Gauche PAU

Exemple of division and classification in a tablet : Plan of PAU (extract) and corresponding cut tablet.

Tablette Maisonnette Tableau Maisonnette
Other example of tablet and the ended table.


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